4 In February – Week Two

The Codec Moments team (well, some of them anyway) continue their quest to finish four games from their backlog in the month of February – inspired by the challenge set by Joystiq.  With half the month gone, how are the team progressing?  Last week you’ll remember that Roger was streets ahead having platinum’d Tomb Raider and making good headway into LA Noire; Andy had finished Far Cry 4 and was about to follow Roger’s example and pick up where he left Lara; and Matt was struggling to finish Dying Light and fantasising about being an ancient Greek king.  Here’s week two…



AndyFar Cry 4, Tomb Raider, LEGO Batman 3, Papers Please

This week I was mostly raiding tombs; well that’s not strictly true…  This week I’ve mostly been enjoying a crunch period in the lab that’s likely to last until the end of February, but when I got a few minutes I raided some tombs.  I remember why I stopped playing Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition now…  I got a bit fed up with falling through the floor and down a hole, every time I think I’m starting to get somewhere.  Please could the developers come up with at least one other method of building suspense?  Still I got a trophy for shooting some dynamite out of the air, so it’s not all bad.

To be fair to the game, it really grew on me as I upgraded my weapons and skills, to the point where after three solid days, I completed Tomb Raider and was even satisfied that all the dual-wield teasing paid off in the final encounter.  Touché Crystal Dynamics, touché.

Far Cry 4 Platinum

I’ve made absolutely no progress whatsoever in my two remaining games, but I did manage to spend an evening clearing up a few loose ends in Far Cry 4 when Matt stood me up for a game of DriveClub… so many loose ends in fact that I got the platinum!


RogerTomb Raider, LA Noire, God of War II, Saints Row IV

I’ve done many things this week, but none of them involved gaming for more than about an hour.  That hour of gaming was spent mostly on Angry Birds.  I purchased a new tablet and found myself sucked in, completely a slave to gathering all 3 stars before moving onto the next level.  Somehow that game never gets old.  But how did I do on my #4iF challenge?  Sadly, not very well.


I booted up LA Noire and meticulously crossed off each vehicle that I had already discovered and cross referenced it with a printout sheet of all vehicles.  The trophy for collecting all 95 vehicles is not only one of the hardest in the game but is also one of the last few that I have. So far I have 33 cars remaining, so the hunt is two-thirds over.  God of War 2 on Vita only got about 20 minutes of attention from me this week, but progress is slowly being made.  So far I’ve got 3 games left and only half of the month, so who knows where this will go.


MattDying Light, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Murdered: Soul Suspect, The Walking Dead Season 2

I’m feeling better about the challenge this week because I’ve finished the biggest one on the list – well, the one I hope is the biggest on my list.  Dying Light has been a great game to play through and doesn’t skimp on content, and I heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a zombie slaughter simulator.  The review will be up soon as well with more details.  I moved on to a different type of environmental kill for the second week, focussing this time on exploding as many things as possible.  Tricking zombies into moving where I want them then detonating became the second most satisfying thing of the week, the first being a terabyte of space on my PS4.

However, limb flinging fun aside, I’ve still got 3 decent length games to get through in 2 weeks.  There’s some holiday time coming up which might benefit the leftovers pile, assuming nothing else distracts me… like a DriveClub update and the race I promised Andy at the weekend.


Join us next Monday for the penultimate update for 4 In February and find out who’s getting closer to completing the challenge, and who’s going to be admitting failure on the 1st March.  You can also keep up to date with #4iF on Twitter for everyone who’s taking part in the Joystiq challenge.  Want to know what happened in the rest of this month?

Week One

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