2018 in Gaming Quiz

It’s been another great year of gaming and with so much happening over 12 months it’s easy to forget some of the things that happened in 2018.  What’s the best way to prod those memories?  A quiz!  Not just any old quiz though, this is a Codec Moments quiz and that means anything could happen… as long as it involves questions, answers and being gaming related.

Join Matt and Andy as they force Ali and Stuart to exercise their grey cells and dredge up facts on what they played and heard about in 2018.  It’s an extra long episode where you’ll hear:

  • Questions on events from January to December
  • Surprises and disappointments from the year
  • Extra long silences that were covered with sound effects (and cut down a huge amount too)
  • Whether Ali or Stuart knows the most
  • The censor bleep… a lot
  • Random scoring decisions genuinely not designed to skew the winner
  • Some in depth Hitman backstory
  • and lots more.

The quiz music theme used in this episode appears courtesy of Purple Planet (https://www.purple-planet.com).

Why not join our Discord channels to talk games (and other stuff) and listen to live recordings (and join in) – click here.  If you think that Discord is going to challenge your memory of events, then why not check us out on TwitterFacebook or contact us via email.  The Codec Moments Podcast will return soon with a reviews update.

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