Episode VIII – 2014 Surprises & Disappointments


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2014 was a strange year for gaming – there weren’t many highs, or too many lows, maybe because in the first full year of the life of our new console generation there weren’t actually that many new games.  Until November at least.  How do you sum up what you liked and disliked through the year?  We thought we’d do something a bit different to review our picks of 2014, we’ve gone for what surprised us for being as good as it was; and what disappointed us because it failed to live up to our excitement.

Cev, Andy and Matt got together at the end of December to record this Codec Call and talk through their picks of the year just past, and with only a little help from Uncle Grolsch and Auntie Baileys, put together 45 mins of chat that you might find at least a bit interesting… at some point.  You can play along as you listen too!  Answer all these questions correctly and there might be a game in it for you:

  1. What are our most disappointing games of 2014?
  2. Which publisher has upset us more than others?
  3. Is a mmfpsorpg a Russian Otter?
  4. Will Cev ever buy some WD40 to keep his chair quiet?
  5. How many times can we plug our reviews in one podcast?
  6. Could Matt possibly say “absolutely” anymore?
  7. Will Andy still be married when we get to Easter?
  8. What is the correct pronunciation of Passepartout?

Send your answers to contact-us@codecmoments.com using the subject line Give Me A Copy Of Watch_Dogs!, the winning entrant will be drawn at random on the 30th January and win a used retail copy of the PS4 version of the game because we don’t want it anymore (can you guess one of our disappointments of 2014?).  Our standard terms and conditions apply.  This competition is now closed, it turns out we actually couldn’t give a copy of Watch_Dogs away…

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