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We always knew that The Last Of Us was a great looking game, alongside being one of the best designed, written, acted and produced of the last generation.  The Remastered version recently released on PlayStation 4 added the photo mode that lets you frame up your own images from any point in the game that you think looks good enough – and in the case of the Codec Moments team, this is about every 20 feet we move through the post-apocalyptic world.  Seriously, we’ve spent more time lining up photos than we have playing.

Here’s a selection of our favourite creations so far, click an image to enjoy it in fullscreen glory (and if you’re on a mobile device you might need to enable desktop viewing for the slideshow to appear).

If you’ve made any great pictures in The Last Of Us Remastered then share them with us via Facebook or Twitter, we can’t wait to see what everyone’s come up with!

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  1. Matt August 10, 2014 10:45 am  Reply

    Loving these images! Slightly biased, I did create some of them…

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