The Codec Moments’ Week Spot

Codec Moments Week Spot

Well it’s Monday again and time to reveal our Week Spots, allowing the Codec Moments crew to let you know what they were playing last week, and in some cases, what we’d like to play this week!


Matt:  Lollipop Chainsaw (PS3), GTA Online (PS3), Batman: Arkham Origins (PS3) and Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Android)


This week I’ve actually had time to play some games!  I’ve been working through the entertainingly ridiculous Lollipop Chainsaw still; it’s bright and cheerful, and the only game I’ve played that has you mowing down zombies in a combine harvester after a seriously trippy out-of-mind experience.  Keeping with the zombie theme, Plants vs Zombies 2 hit the Android Play store this week and after rinsing the first I thought I’d go for the second, especially as it’s free.  So far, so good with it, though I’ve a feeling it’ll turn into a grind at some point because I’m sure Pop Cap want to take my money and are slowly letting me get comfortable with the game.  It’s got a few issues, mainly on the connectivity side, and the Google+ login doesn’t seem to do anything except tell you what it’s failing at (and so does the Facebook one too according to my girlfriend).

I also managed a successful couple of hours on GTA Online with the COMO crew, lots of fun holding up gas stations, shooting each other’s cars, and winning races.  We did get dropped into a public lobby at a couple of points but surprisingly ended up with people who actually wanted to play instead of just killing and stealing money.  It was nice to get that experience for a change and showed the potential of the whole online world.  And finally I’ve been putting the hours into Batman: Arkham Origins over the weekend in preparation for the review coming this week.  It’s a lot like the others in the series, but that isn’t a bad thing, and I’ll go into more detail in my write up.

Batman 01

Highlights: GTA Online working, zombie harvesting, Batman beat-downs.

Lowlights: G+ PvZ2 login not saving data & ignoring achievements.


Graham: GTA Online (PS3), FIFA 13 (PS3), Total Recoil (PS Vita) and Virtua Tennis 4 (PS Vita)

Breaking news – I am now up to rank 14 on GTA online!  At the time of writing this it puts me ahead of at least two of my Codec Moments colleagues.  As you can tell, I achieve little in life, so I cling onto the small things!

In readiness for the launch of the PS4 and with FIFA 14 as one of my launch titles, I picked up FIFA 13 after an absence of 3 months.  I was a little rusty, but was soon pinging those diagonal 40 yard balls like a pro.  I took this as evidence that I will not embarrass myself when I venture online with FIFA 14.


The Vita has only been out of the case a handful of times, but when it did I have been ploughing through the campaign in Total Recoil.  It’s a good little game, even if the control method lacks precision, but for £6.99 it’s a bargain I would say.  I have also been on a mission not to let Noah, my oldest who is only 6, show me up on Virtua Tennis 4.  As a side note Noah seems to have gone from a one finger gaming cripple to a gaming pro in a matter of weeks; I am worried that I will be soon left in his wake, so I have been putting in the hours to hone my forehand and master the uber-serve!


Highlight: Decided on ‘The Last of Us’ as my new game (I know I am about 3 months late).

Lowlights: Realising that I will soon be the 2nd best gamer in my house and seeing that Angry Birds on the Vita is £31!


Andy: Dead Trigger 2 (iOS) and Plants vs. Zombies 2 (iOS)

It’s been a quiet gaming week for me because of crazy, mega busy workload and my wedding anniversary; I was looking forward to playing Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate but sadly our review copy has been delayed.  It’s been mobile gaming for me again with two great, free, iOS sequels; Dead Trigger 2 and Plants vs. Zombies 2.  I’ve not played either of the originals if I’m honest, so I can’t compare them but both are enjoyable.  I thought that the simple control scheme with autofire on Dead Trigger 2 would detract from the game (though it is easy to configure it to however you so desire), but it’s actually pretty cool and the game looks and sounds good too.  With regards to PVM2 I discovered that the Facebook login does work on iOS, but you have to enter a name before you can connect to Facebook… it took me two days to catch on to that fact?!


Highlights: Being married for three years and the time travelling taco twist.

Lowlights: Not enough time on GTA Online.


Roger: GTA Online (PS3), Worms Revolution (PS Vita) and 999 (3DS)

This has been a slow week for me when it comes to gaming.  I crammed in as much GTA Online as I could handle and played a little bit of Worms Revolution on the Vita. I also revisited 999 on the 3DS and realized I was stuck at a puzzle and that was the last I played it. But none the less it was enjoyable to get back to such a good game.


Highlight: Solving a hard puzzle in 999!

Lowlight: Being stuck on a hard puzzle in 999.


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