The Codec Moments’ Week Spot

Codec Moments Week Spot

Well it’s the second time we’ve revealed our Week Spot, allowing the staff here to chat about what they were playing last week and what they’d like to find time for this week!

Graham – GTA Online (PS3) and Urban Trial Freestyle (PS Vita)

“I am soon realising that GTA Online is slowly taking over my life, well my gaming life that is.  Every moment my original PS3 asthmatically coughs into life the only thing I will be playing is GTA Online.  This is partly down to not getting enough gaming time but also due to an addictive online ranking system.  Rockstar have cleverly given gamers a taste of all the weapons and upgrades available in the single player mode and by restricting them in the online version, players are itching to show what they are really made of (me included).  They have also managed to tap directly into the human subconscious and exploited what all people want deep down, even if they don’t know it – success and money.

GTA V 07

I have had enough time however to find a hidden gem on the Vita and it goes by the name of Urban Trial Freestyle.  My 6 year old son actually wanted this game which is a budget title from Tate Multimedia, but once I had a quick go on his Vita it was soon being downloaded onto mine.  It is a simple but great looking linear point to point trials bike game.  You take control of your bike to ride through a generic US city whilst a great deal of destruction and mayhem is going on around you.  The game is not going to win any awards but is a great way to fill a spare 20 minutes.

Urban Trials Freestyle

What I will be playing next week will depend on the following; I will be turning 33 on Tuesday and to celebrate I will be purchasing a new game.  Undecided what to go for at this time but it has become tradition for the last 5 years to get the next footy offering in the Fifa series but as I have Fifa 14 on my PS4 pre order bundle its time for a change.  Any recommendations tweet me @Tech_Father find out next time to see what I went for!

Lowlights:  Don’t bring a nightstick to a gunfight.

Highlights:  My PS3 survived another week.”


Roger – GTA Online (PS3) & Beyond: Two Souls (PS3)

“So I will be sharing my thoughts about GTA Online in my review, but the highlight for me this week was Beyond two Souls.  After looking at several review scores, it is clear that this game is very polarizing, much like its predecessor Heavy Rain.  People usually love it so much they can look past its flaws, or they are so unattached to it that they cannot over come them.  After finishing the game I am thoroughly impressed.  In my opinion Cage released another great piece of work.  The engaging story in a non synchronous order actually intrigued me.  The only thing I want to talk about now with other people is what in the world did the ending mean?  What will happen if I chose another path?  These are the things that make you want to play again so you can see how Jodie’s destiny concludes.”


Matt – Beyond: Two Souls (PS3) & Lollipop Chainsaw (PS3)

“Like last week it’s been busy and I’ve not had as much chance to play as I’d have liked.  I’ve spent most of my time on Beyond: Two so we could get the review up, and now it’s complete I’m thinking of what I’ll do next with it.  Do I leave it as is and enjoy the story I created, or do I go back and see the different futures I could have created for Jodie?  I don’t know.

Unexpectedly, I’ve started playing Lollipop Chainsaw.  Out shopping on Friday night I saw if for £5.99 and it just fell into the trolley.  It’s an absolute bargain!  From Suda 51 you always get insane but enjoyable experiences, and this is no different.  I’ve been merrily romping round a US high school, slicing off the heads and limbs of zombies with a chainsaw whilst teen rock blares in the background.  Surprisingly good fun, and even better when I know the game is worth more at trade-in than I’ve paid already.

Highlights:  Lollipop’s throwaway comments (too rude to repeat here), pole dancing with a chainsaw.

Lowlights:  Not enough gaming time (again).”


Andy – Urban Trial Freestyle (PS Vita) & Plague Inc. (iOS) 

“Like Graham, I’ve been playing the 2.5D motocross mayhem that is Urban Trial Freestyle on the Vita, which was free recently with PS+; however, having played Trials HD on the Xbox 360, I was a little bit disappointed with Urban Trial Freestyle.  The game is clearly ‘inspired’ by the XBLA classic but isn’t nearly as dramatic, exciting or well polished as Trials HD was; the implementation of the level editor could have been awesome fun on the Vita using the front touchscreen and rear touchpad, but sadly this isn’t present in Urban Trial Freestyle.  That said, it’s not a bad game by any means with good level design and fun bike/environment physics; it’s great considering it’s available to play on the go.

Plague Inc

I have also rekindled my love of Plague Inc. this week on iOS (having previously owned in on my Android HTC Sensation XE).  This apocalypse simulator allows you to pit your wits against the entire globe, playing as any one of a number of bacterial, virological or biological agents which have escaped the CAT IV lab and will mutate as you infect greater proportions of the population.  Do you go slow and steady, trying to infect the entire world before flipping the kill switch, or do you go all out with deadly symptoms and run the risk of wiping yourself out by being too deadly?  As a former research scientist who has worked in the Pharmaceutical industry, this game is the Umbrella Inc. simulator that keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Highlights:  Infecting Greenland.

Lowlights:  Those hardy Inuits, that never seem to succomb to my very own Progenitor T-Virus.”


Drop us a line to let us know what you think of these games, what you played last week and what game our Graham should get for his birthday?  Hit up the comments below, or join us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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