The Presque Vu Challenge

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Got Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes?  We’ve got a challenge for you!  Over on Facebook Alex Bell has set this wonderful and taxing playthrough for the game:

A CQC only run of the story mission without getting any alerts on hard, no slow motion and completed within 15 minutes.

Think you can manage that?  We’ve had a go over the last few days, and you can see our efforts below!  What we want you to do is send us your attempts and successes over the next week (Facebook, YouTube or other steaming video links) and we’ll put them all up for the world to see.  If yours is the fastest and most impressive you’ll be hailed as the true Snake and have our unyielding respect.


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  1. Roger May 8, 2014 5:27 am  Reply

    Wow, looks tough! Like my first time playing through MGS1.

    • Matt May 8, 2014 7:07 am  Reply

      It will be tough! I’m going to dedicate some time this weekend and see how well I do, expecting to fail a lot…

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