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You’ve had a couple of months to get to grips with the awesomeness that is Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes, learn the enemy patterns, bullet drop distances of sniper rifles, where all the prisoners are, and how to pull guards to their doom over railings, but have you mastered the challenge set by @AlexBell1991?  A reminder:

Complete the main story mission on hard with no alerts, CQC only, no reflex, and under 15 minutes

We nicknamed it Presque Vu (meaning almost seen, which is quite apt for our efforts), so here’s how the Codec Moments team got on… well, the ones that have the game anyway.



Starts confidently, rapidly descends into voyeurism, loves the limelight, a bit vicious with the knife (must have been a bad day at work), struggles to get to the prison camp, throws controller at TV before flinging the game disc out of the window.  Score: 2.5/10.



Curses the inability of the PS4 to actually record anything you want it to, stunning CQC moves and stealth abilities (apparently, which he can say because there’s no video evidence, number of retries says otherwise…), manages to grab a screenshot of the results to show missing out with the reflex use and taking way too long.  Score 6/10.

Presque Vu Challenge - Cev Result



Pretty good effort, recon’d the area to figure out routes (*cough*YouTube*cough*), tactical use of restarting checkpoints, enjoyed throwing guards a little too much, sometimes forgets which direction to run in, spent way too much time editing the footage together.  Score 8/10.


Of course, it’s not all about the COMO team, what we really want to see are your skills.  If you’ve taken the challenge, or are going to attempt it soon, send us a link to a video or screenshot of the results, and we’ll add them here to put us in our place.  If you’ve got a gaming challenge for the team, hit us up at Facebook, Google+ or Twitter using #ChallengeCOMO and we’ll do our best to make fools of ourselves having a go.

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