Picture Quiz – The Winners & Answers!

Thanks to everyone who’s had a go at the quiz over the last 4 weeks.  Our winner, Ross Stevenson, correctly identified all 15 games and will have Grand Theft Auto V delivered when it’s released on the 17th September.  A special shout out to Jason Smedley who also got all 15 right, he has our everlasting respect for their gaming knowledge and lateral thinking abilities.  The winner of the £10 PSN/XBLA/Steam voucher was Alison Tindall, well done!

Without further ado, here are the answers:

Photo 01

Game 1: It’s a pile of snoozing Dalmations… Sleeping Dogs.

Photo 02

Game 2: There’s a wolf in a beer mug?  So it’s Wolfenstein.

Photo 03

Game 3: An elevator with a coffin in it, that goes up as well as down.  You get Dead Rising in that.

Photo 04

Game 4:  A prophylactic sheath with a famous PlayStation character on it.  Parappa the Rappa would have you covered.


Game 5: Empty graves or areas where there should be bodies but there aren’t?  That would be Dead Space then.

Photo 06

Game 6: Someone shouting for help from distance?  A Far Cry.

Photo 07

Game 7: Does what it says on the Orange Box.

Photo 08

Game 8: It’s not often we get phoned by our local judge, but when it happens we can’t ignore the Call of Duty.

Photo 09

Game 9: Who wouldn’t want to watch this for hours?  Gran Turismo.

Photo 10

Game 10: It’s a man, being hit.  Hitman.

Photo 11

Game 11: Desperately seeking a 4 geared leaver for a car?  You’ve got a Need for Speed.

Photo 12

Game 12: We’d hate to use one of these, too much chance of an injury when picking up the ringing Splinter Cell.

Photo 13

Game 13: We must be the only people who ever played this PS2 co-op classic.  What do you buy when you want a decent homemade jalfrezi?  A Kuri-Kuri Mix.

Photo 14

Game 14: It’s an axe on a clock.  Axes are used by lumberjacks to chop trees and split logs.  This axe is splitting time.  It’s Timesplitters.

Photo 15

Game 15: This is Vlad the Impaler, he is famous for his brutalness and being the basis of the Dracula legend.  We had some fantastic answers for this, but only a few who correctly identified Brutal Legend.


Let us know what you thought of the quiz in the comments and feel free to make your own suggestions; we hope to run another Gaming Picture Quiz soon so any feedback will be warmly welcomed!

If you’ve followed us on Twitter throughout the last few weeks, we just want to mention the fantastic GAME stores from around the UK who’ve been re-tweeting our competition out of the kindness of their hearts.  We are not affiliated with them in any way and receive no commercial benefits; we just wanted to say thank you.



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  1. Lewis September 1, 2013 12:18 pm  Reply

    This was a very challenging but exciting kind of quiz that i personally would always compete in if new ones were published. Would be happy to make suggestions for a new one.

  2. Nicola September 1, 2013 8:14 pm  Reply

    Absolutely loved trying to figure out this quiz, only wished I had tried it sooner so I could fix some of my answers! Please do another one soon, even if its just for fun!

  3. Laura September 1, 2013 9:36 pm  Reply

    Awesome picture quiz. I love to try and fry my brain once a month with something that requires effort. You should totally make it a monthly comp. Well done winners!

  4. Jason September 2, 2013 9:20 am  Reply

    Were me and Ross the only ones to get all 15? Gutted I wasn’t picked as the winner but loved the quiz non the less.

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