Mad Max Savage Road Trailer

Having seen the excellent Mad Max: Fury Road at the cinema recently (go see it, it’s awesome!), I’m more than a little excited by the upcoming release of the Avalanche open world drive-em-up bearing the same moniker.  To whet our appetites further, Warner Bros have put out a story trailer giving us the first real glimpse of why Max is stranded in the wasteland, being hounded by Scrotus and his warboys.

Visceral combat, bleak and desolate environments, colourful psychos, and vehicular destruction… yep, they’ve nailed Mad Max alright.  It’s looking good so far with only one drawback – the release date.  It comes out on the same day as MGS V, but I’m betting Konami blink and shift that date back rather than go up against an angry Aussie.  I am joking, though it’s almost expected given their recent strange behaviours.

There’s a lot to look forward to here, roll on September 4th when it thunder(dome)s onto our consoles and PCs.

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