Is that a PS4?


‘Is that a PS4?’ My wife asked me the other night, like many new bits of tech I had snuck it into the house under cover of darkness.  My sneakiness had been undone after my better half wondered why she had just dusted two PS3′s.  ‘Yes it is’ I answered proudly with my chest pumped out in pride.  ‘Why the bloody hell do you need another console’ was her reply to which I started to think ‘Yes, why do I need it?’.


Is that a PS4


I had pre ordered the PS4 months ago, it was the natural choice as I had been cohabiting with a PS3 and a Vita for some time and most of my friends were jumping off the fence into the garden of Sony.  On top of this the media were doing a cracking job telling me how bad the Xbox One was going to be.


Over the months that followed the pre order the hype faded a little, the Xbox One started sound a little better and gems such as GTAV and Grand Turismo 6 were on the way to the PS3.  Was my money going to be well spent or should I go for the Xbox or none at all.  I stuck with it and received my PS4 on launch day.


I like the console and the controllers, the console is small (compared to my original 60 gb PS3) and the controllers are weighty and feel good in my hand.  My 6 year old finds them a little big but I didn’t buy it for him!  The menu screen is very dull and uninspiring and I don’t like the fact you cannot move the apps and programs from one place to another.  I find the ‘what’s new’ area unnecessary and although the speed of switching between screens is good, an option to layer them would be better.  The camera is a gimmick at the moment but does show what it can do, hopefully the titles that will exploit it are better than the Playstation Move titles.


The existing gen games re hashed for the PS4 are ok but no better than on the PS3, worse so with BF4 and its current stability issues.  I would save myself some money and play them on that.  Problem is with very few next gen games available for the PS4, is it worth it?  Not in my opinion……yet.


I have been playing Killzone which looks pretty but I can’t say that it trumps anything I have played on the PS3.  Resogun is ok but again it’s no massive leap into he future.    The Vita is a nice thing to have with the PS4 but remote play isn’t the most stable of platforms to play anything for long periods.  I have found the PS3 is being turned back on to play GTAV more and more.  This is because games make consoles, not the other way round.  The PS4 may have the firepower but if the games market needs two years to catch up where does that leave us early adopters??  I think the Xbox One is the better bet in the short term as the whole media package it offers masks the lack of games that compliment each system.  Long term the Xbox Ones media features will compete with every other digital media outlet making them less future proof, whereas once the gaming industry catches up the PS4 should be the market leader.  I know new consoles will not have a raft of titles immediately but other features could fill in the gaps.


I think I would still have opted for the PS4, but maybe in 6 months.  I do close my eyes when a Xbox One ad comes on as I would quite like to play Forza 5 and Dead Rising but it wouldn’t make me buy the Xbox as a long term solution.  The PS3 is still offering a good platform for games now, imagine where we will be with the PS4 in 5 years time!


Written by Graham



  1. mantas December 16, 2013 1:40 am  Reply

    Resogun & Assassin’s Creed IV will serve me well on the PS4 until March 11, 2014, when Dark Souls II is released; then in which case I may be playing it on the PC with either the PS4 or XBOX ONE controller.

  2. Unova December 16, 2013 3:26 am  Reply

    The hell’s the point of this? Trying to make someone feel bad?

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