Dear Codec Moments… Meryl solves your problems!

Dear Codec Moments 01

This week’s Dear Codec Moments guest agony aunt is the Commander of Rat Patrol 01, Meryl Silverburgh, who joined the ranks of other legendary soldiers in the aftermath of the Shadow Moses incident.

Xvla1D1q@Trixs61 writes via Twitter:

Dear @CodecMoments, is the cat a sufficient internet security or should I upgrade?



Meryl says:

You can never be too cautious when it comes to security! My first boyfriend’s dad worked in Russia for a while and during that time he had his fair share of trust issues with the people he met!


salad-woman-5Melanie from Truro e-mailed to ask:

Dear Codec Moments, I have recently started seeing a guy but he’s a bit of a loner. Should I just bite the bullet and tell him how I feel, or should I play hard to get?


Meryl says:

I’d prefer if you didn’t use the term ‘bite the bullet’ in my presence… it brings back bad memories of the time I was bitten by a wolf. I’ve always been a bigger fan of playing hard to get, but I think that stems from the years of psychotherapy I had to suppress my emotions in the midst of battle; not entirely successfully I should add. If you make him do a lot of the work, he’ll appreciate you all the more when he gets you. Reminds me of this time when I put my phone number on the back of a video game box and made the guy work it out (and buy a licensed copy of the game) before he could call me. The Internet is killing romance.


Stephanie_McIntoshSkye from Erinsborough asks:

Dear Codec Moments, I suffer from IBS and was wondering if you have any tips for removing embarrassing stains from undergarments?


Meryl says:

What?! Just because I’m a woman you think that automatically qualifies me to do your laundry?! I trained for years to be the equal of any man in the field of battle; I can kill without hesitation and as leader of Rat Patrol 01 I have shown on numerous occasions that my quick thinking and battle strategy is second to perhaps only one man, who happens to be the greatest soldier that ever lived!!! That said, my husband recommends pre-treating with a solution of powdered stain remover before a 40 degree wash with biological detergent.


‘Dear Codec Moments’ will be back next week with special guest agony uncle, Kratos from God of War.  If you have a question or dilemma, get in touch using the form below or by tweeting @codecmoments with the hashtag #DearCOMO.


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