Codec Momentum Rankings

Want to know how you stack up against everyone else who takes part in Codec Momentum?  We have a fancy table to help you out.  Remember, completing a game is worth 1 point and successfully completing a #Finisher is worth 5 points.  Get your next pledge in now to move up the board!

Last update – 4th June 2017


PledgerTotal ScoreRank
@FuryAc383Serial Pledger
@vitafan980Serial Pledger
@saintlystuart75Wednesday Night Warrior
@HauntedCryme61Wednesday Night Warrior
@CodecMoments54Consummate Gamer
@Solm6753Consummate Gamer
@Novern_Monkey46Consummate Gamer
@phatmanjohn45Consummate Gamer
@nick__hulk43Consummate Gamer
@TheJediJunkie43Consummate Gamer
@vdjomb34Legend in your own Lunchtime
@Damocles69332Legend in your own Lunchtime
@Afro_Gear31Legend in your own Lunchtime
@squarephreak24Legend in your own Lunchtime
@clinicalandy18Magic Number
@Corn_Wolf16Magic Number
@MikeTackFilms8Conserver of Momentum
@sbarnett828Conserver of Momentum
@tnshingobingo5Conserver of Momentum
Noah Watkinson1n00b


The ranks are:

  1. n00b [1 – 4 points]
  2. Conserver of Momentum [5 – 9 points]
  3. Magic Number [10 – 19 points]
  4. Legend in your own Lunchtime [20 – 34 points]
  5. Consummate Gamer [35 – 54 points]
  6. Wednesday Night Warrior [55 – 79 points]
  7. Serial Pledger [80 – 109 points]
  8. Deranged Player [110 – 149 points]
  9. The Rinser [150 – 199 points]
  10. King of the Hill [200+ points]


If you’re looking for a bonus accolade for your personalised banner, we’ve got you covered!  Some are obvious, some are secret, and we’ll keep adding them when we’ve got something good.  Secret ones will be revealed when someone meets the challenge, and not all of them are strictly limited to in-game…

  • Tartan Spartan – ???
  • Slow & Steady – Complete 1 Codec Momentum a month for 3 months (consecutive entries)
  • FFIIIXXXXXX – Complete a finisher, but miss out on the prize for 3 months running
  • Got Momentum? – Enter two months running but fail to finish a game [discovered by @VDJOMB]
  • Got Momentum! – Complete 6 Codec Momentum’s in a row [discovered by @nick__hulk]
  • Who needs bathroom breaks? – Complete 3 or more games in a single month [discovered by @FuryAc3]
  • Who needs to eat? – ???
  • You killed Dobbin! – ???
  • Where did I park Blue Jeans? – Complete Hannah Montana as a finisher [discovered by Andy]
  • Shy Guy – Complete 1 Codec Momentum every 6 months
  • WipeOut – Fail a pledge over 3 consecutive entries
  • No Fisher Price Broadband here! – Complete an online only game [discovered by @Corn_Wolf]
  • Huh! What’s that noise? – ???
  • Red Bull is my middle name – Finish a game with over 60 hours of play in one month [discovered by @HauntedCryme]
  • Hear My Name – finish a game with a main character that shares your name
  • Yeah, Baby! – Reach the top of the leaderboard