The Codec Moments’ Week Spot

Codec Moments Week Spot

Time again for the Codec Moments team to talk about what they’ve been playing this week, in the Codec Moments’ Week Spot.


Cev:  Dishonored (PS3)

This week I have been preparing to move, moving and settling in to where I have moved.  This has naturally not given me as much gaming time as ideal but I’m close set to being all set up now and almost ready to be busy as hell doing something else!  For the time being I’m afraid to say that the best I am able to do is the meager offerings below.

What little time I have had to play anything has mainly been spent on Dishonored, a game that I played around its launch on PC but got distracted from before I saw it’s end.  Probably by a steam sale or another influx of free to play stuff.  So when I stumbled across a preowned copy for the PS3 for a reasonably low price I thought I’d give it another shot.  That was a few weeks ago now at very least but I’m finally getting back into it.

Dishonored 01

I’m really fond of the style the game goes for.  To me it seems like a cross between Timesplitters and Bioshock with a more traditional approach to the whole steampunk theme.  The moral choice system is nicely implimented through action rather than dialog options and it plays out a little more organically, allowing for a feeling of the changes in the world around you to be easily altered without your knowledge of having done it.

The gameplay is fluent and enjoyable, rarely giving pause for thought as you naturally fall into a pattern of blinking from rooftop to right behind an enemy, all the while trying to determine what approach you will take to pacifying him and what the overall ramifactions your ultimate decision will have on the world around you.

There’s a lot more that can, and should, be said about the game, both in it’s favour and against it but time is scarce.  All in all, I won’t go as far to say that the game is revolutionary but it’s just different enough while still being good fun to merit my praise and attention.

Highlights:  New gaming/work space looks awesome.

Lowlights:  Packing… ugh…


Roger:  999 (3DS), GTA V/Online (PS3) and The Walking Dead (PS3)

Not a lot has transpired over the last week, and considering that I was sick for a portion of that time, I did spend a fair amount of it resting.  Resting sounds so boring when you know there are better things out there for you to be doing, but it is essential non-the-less if you wish to get well.  For the time I was able to play games I spent a majority of it finishing up the second playthrough of 999.  I really love this game and how differently it unfolds each time you play it.  The different choices you make all seem to have a big impact on the events that unfold and the writing is top notch.  I really give it to the folks over at Chunsoft for their excellent storytelling and intriguing plot lines.

I ventured back into the world of the Grand Theft Auto once more and spent some more time in the single player campaign, (which ashamedly I have not completed yet).  I end up getting distracted to easily to stay with main missions for very long, so I ended up tracking down a bunch of random tasks for players , such as destroying 15 real estate signs. Fun stuff right there. Once I could be amused no more, I switched gears online to try my luck there.  A few hours later I found myself the proud winner of several challenges and also in a heated one on one battle with another player.  He thought it was rather funny to be level 343 and to endlessly make my life miserable.  I admit I do see some humor in it but in all fairness, I am only level 55, so pick on someone your own size!


The last main thing that I played this week was The Walking Dead Se 2 Ep 2.  The second episode in this season is titled “A House Divided” and I can easily say that it is my favorite episode out of the entire series.  The story that is told and the journey that the characters go through will not be soon forgotten, and it is sure to take anyone on an emotionally thrilling joy ride.  You can read more about it in my review to come.

Highlights:  Having the welcome return of a character in The Walking Dead that I thought was long gone.  I won’t spoil it here!

Lowlight:  Spending $7500 on Merrywether mercenaries to have them take out my arch nemesis, Mr level 343 guy, just to have them quickly killed off. 


Matt:  South Park: The Stick of Truth (PS3), Thief (PS4) and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (PS3)

This week has really been all about South Park.  The joy of booting the game up and finding out it is just like the TV programme was indescribable.  Well… it felt a lot like relief.  There are niggly things with it, but it made me laugh out loud, gave me a few things to think about, things I wish I could scrub clean from my mind, and made me a little sick in my mouth too.  Check out the review for more thoughts.

South Park SOT Humans

Thief came out last week and I got my PS4 copy on the same day as South Park, so I’ve not really played much, but did manage to do the prologue and bank heist side mission.  It’s good so far, the slower paced, methodical stealth element appeals to me, and I actually like the fact it’s pretty punishing if you screw up.  I can see myself losing time in the world quite easily.  My hope is there’s a good amount of variety as the story progresses, it would be a shame if it started out so promising but then didn’t widen out to give the freedom of approach it hints at early on.

Finally, I’ve started Castlevania: LoS2 for review.  I’m torn on what to say about it for the bits I’ve played so far.  Immediately I was struck by the similarities to God of War in presentation and gameplay, impressed by the voice talent, and totally lost with the story.  I haven’t played any of the series in over 20 years so my last experience was a 2D NES game with Alucard, now there’s a convoluted history to get to grips with.  It shouldn’t affect the game, and I’m hoping it’ll come into it’s own as I spend more time with it.  The review will be up this week with my final verdict.

Highlights:  Butters and Professor Chaos!

Lowlights:  Overpowered hobos.


Andy:  Battlefield 4 (PS4), Resogun (PS4), The Simpsons: Tapped Out (iOS) and Thief (PS4)

This week I played the obligatory rotation of Second Assault maps on Battlefield 4; it felt almost unfair to be sat on a hillside in a tank, pounding the enemy bomb carriers out in the open with artillery rounds… but it did no end of good for my score that round, so it wasn’t that hard to reconcile.

My very own Springfield in The Simpson’s: Tapped Out is coming along great guns now!  This week I have flown through a few levels and unlocked Kent Brockman, Lenny, Carl and my personal favourite, Ralph Wiggum (me fail English?  That’s unpossible).  There has been an update after the Valentine’s Day event that has added friend points you can earn by interacting with other people’s Springfields, which nets you some special items to add to your own.  They’ve also patched in an update this week that looks like it might be related to St. Patrick’s Day; so far I’ve been growing genetically modified potatoes, which ironically enough isn’t a million miles away from what I was doing for real a decade ago!

I booted up Resogun again, it’s still tricky to keep all those pesky humans safe.  I will endeavour again in a few weeks, although Dead Nation on PS4 will probably put paid to that.

Finally I’ve been playing Thief (when I’ve not been forced to watch Crufts; did you know that former Formula One presenter, Jim Rosenthal, now commentates on dogs moving about?), which I’ll be reviewing shortly.  Watch this space.

Highlights:  Some solid sneaky stealthing!

Lowlights:  Humans in Resogun need to toughen up!

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