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Codec Moments Week Spot

Time flies when you’re having fun, or it feels like it when we roll round to Thursday again and it’s Week Spot time.  The Codec Moments team are back to fill you in on what they’ve played since last time, and whether it’s been worth it.


Graham – Killzone Shadowfall (PS4), QuizTix: Video Games (iOS), Lego: Ninjago Nindroids (PS Vita)

I had to look back on my game collection once I had completed Watch_Dogs to see what was going to fill the void.  I realised I had not completed (in fairness barely scratched the surface) of Killzone Shadowfall.  After learning the controls again which were a little foreign after spending time away, I have been getting back into the gameplay.  It’s harder and a little more clunky than I remember but still worth my time.

Control Checkpoint

I did pick up QuizTix again but only to check some of the strange names for my review – I soon deleted it from my iPad, forever………

I have also played a very small amount of LEGO: Ninjago Nindroids which sounds more painful than it is.  I will put my full thoughts to paper (or screen) in my full review, but it seems fun so far.  Where as some of the previous LEGO games on the Vita feel somewhat detached from its PS3 & 4 parent, this one seems to be part of the family.  Now I have not played some of the more recent LEGO games on the Vita so I am not saying it is the first to do it, but it works well and I am looking forward to putting in some hours.

Highlight: Wish the owl was in all games.

Lowlight: Had to write about QuizTix.


Cev – League Of Legends (PC), Torchlight 2 (PC)

This week has actually seen a fair few games, not too many of which have played for any real length of time… except Torchlight 2 and, of course, League Of Legends which, for the past five years, give or take a month or two here and there, I have played at least one game of per day… with exceptions obviously.

After discovering a promotional article over on PCgamer about a mod, or should I say a collection of mods, for Torchlight that added textures, classes, pets and a bunch of other small but extremely welcome additions to offer even more longevity to the dungeon crawler, I had to hit the Steam Workshop to check it out.  A few hours later I was cutting my way through hordes of creeps, critters and nasties with my dual wielding outlander, alone if not counting my trusty companion A FREAKIN’ MANTICORE!… That’s right, my pet is a manticore and his name is Oskar (After Oskar Schindler… What?  I like the name, I like the film).  Anyway.  It took me a while to come around to actually enjoying Torchlight.  It’s not that I didn’t like the first one, it just didn’t feel like a very deep dungeon crawler when compared to it’s peers. Diablo, Titan Quest, Dungeon Seige (2) etc… and, upon first purchasing it, I felt a lot of the same from it’s sequel, albeit in a more open world.  Eventually I came around, something I knew I would do given the time to actually do so.  It’s here I shall remain for my clickclickdiedie fun until Blizzard release the Ultimate Evil edition of Diablo 3 on PS4 (August).

Torchlight 2

And League Of Legends.  What can I say?  I like the game, and play support mainly for three reasons.  People rarely want to do it, it frequently results in short queues in the, new and improved, team builder and I like playing support.  Some people like to know they’ve had a great game, some people like to see their whole team have a great game.  I’m the latter.  My champion of choice at the moment is Braum as he forgoes a shield and opts to run around with a vault door in his hands.

Aside from gaming I’ve been discussing a future project I plan to be adding to the Codec Moments archive and working on the first instalment from the comfort of my shiny new renovated office.

Until next time!

Highlight: 26/10/10 on my first ever game with Jinx.

Lowlight: This desk does not like going through doors!


Roger – The Last of Us: Remastered

How does one sum up the events of the past week if they were filled with much stress and tough times?  I don’t really know, but I can assure you those two things accurately describe my last week or so.  Having lost and failing to locate my cell phone, and fighting with my carrier over whether or not I get to keep my unlimited 4g data, things have been rather tense for me.  But here I sit, a couple of days before I start my week long vacation, and things have turned out alright.  Thank God I finally have the cell phone issue resolved.  Not only did my unlimited data get put back on my account, but I also found a really good deal on a Samsung Galaxy S4, which is an upgrade for me.  I now have the phone all equipped with remote erasing features as well as a heavy armor.  I equipped my phone with a tempered glass, shatter resistant screen protector and also have it buried in an Otter Case Defender Series.  I call my cell the Panzer Phone.  It’s like a tank.


Anyways, the only time I had for actual gaming was The Last of Us: Remastered.  Although I should be playing the game, I found myself pausing the game on a frequent basis to see what amazing pictures I could capture with the new Photo Mode.  I am so glad Naughty Dog included this in the game and really look forward to it in future titles from the developer.  Well, that about sums it up, till we meet again.

Lowlight: Losing my Phone, losing my grandfathered unlimited data plan without my consent.

Highlight: Finding a good phone for cheap and having my phone carrier add the discontinued unlimited data back to my account.


Andy – The Last of Us: Remastered (PS4), Table Top Racing (PS Vita), Lone Survivor (PS Vita)

Well, finally Baby Brown has arrived and she’s been something of a time sink, but a welcome one.  In between feeding, nappy changes and cooing visitors, I’ve only been able to grab a gaming time and most of that has been on the Vita.

I turned on the PS4 for the first time in two weeks earlier this week, intent on playing some of The Last of Us before the end of my short paternity leave; I got as far as the end of the prologue before I was in tears at the turn of events… having a child has changed me.

With that in mind I fancied something a little bit lighter in tone, so I turned to Lone Survivor on the PS Vita.  Swing and a miss, but it adds a modicum of humour to the horror.  If you’ve not tried it, it’s kind of like an 8 bit, 2D, Resident Evil crossed with the stamina mechanic from Snake Eater; I swear that the Lone Survivor must have worms because he never stops needing to eat.  It’s a fun little action puzzle game that seems like it will have some replay value, if I can get past that scary monster on the ground floor and finish the game.

Table Top Racing 07


Finally I have played some Table Top Racing on the PS Vita; it’s a fun racing game that combines the best aspects of Micro Machines with those of Mario Kart.  The weapons and boosts enable to you take a slightly tactical approach and there are shortcuts aplenty to be found.  The only trouble that I have with it so far, is that it’s starting to become a grind, but there doesn’t seem too much to grind at… repeating races when you’ve 3 starred them doesn’t bag you any loot, so I’m at an impasse and the game clearly thinks I should be using IAPs to get me through.

Highlight: The birth of my daughter.

Lowlight: 31 hour labour where I correctly guessed it would be insensitive to whip out the Vita and play Borderlands 2.


Matt – Metrico (PS Vita), Table Top Racing (PS Vita), The Last of Us: Remastered (PS4), Pure Pool (PS4)

It was good review assignment time last week, and it continued this week (sort of).  Metrico is good and hurts your brain, Table Top Racing is good but too grindy for a paid game.

Really, my time has been spent with The Last of Us.  I’d played my fill on the PS3 and traded it in, but couldn’t resist the hype around the updated release, and it was worth plumping for.  It still looks gorgeous and is the same great story and gameplay, and the photo mode is stupidly addictive – I’m like Roger in that there’s too many things to look at and take a picture of.  We’re going to have to share some of these.  Pure Pool was back on as well, love it but still not managed any multiplayer with friends.  I did find a Big Sky Infinity logo for the table though and that made me excited for that game!

Which way?


There’s one other thing on my radar, Gravity Crash Ultra which releases next week.  It’s been sat on my Vita for the last week not getting any attention due to the plethora (for me at least) of other Vita games to play.  There’s a very long train journey coming up for me tomorrow, I’ll be all over it then.

Highlight: Capturing some great looking TLOU images.

Lowlight: Table Top Racing’s push towards buying currency with IAPs.

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