The Codec Moments’ Week Spot

Codec Moments Week Spot

Once again the Codec Moments team reveal their Week Spot and tell us all what they’ve been playing this week.  Sadly Graham isn’t able to join in the fun this week as he and his family are the midst of moving house, however his son Noah joins us as this week’s guest contributor:

Noah:  Farming Simulator (PS Vita), Treasures of Montezuma Blitz (PS Vita), Little Big Planet (PS Vita)

My name is Noah and I am 6 years old, I am 7 in August.  As my Daddy does not have a house or a TV at the moment he has not played Battlefield 4 for ages and Mummy packed his other games in a box ages ago anyway.  I can’t play Marvel Super Heroes LEGO at the moment either, so I have been playing some other games on my Vita.

Farming Simulator

I wanted Farming Simulator for ages but my Daddy didn’t let me have it because he thinks tractors are boring.  I had a voucher so I said I wanted it, Daddy didn’t want to argue so he let me have it.  I like it because you can grow your own crops and you can’t die.  I am not very good at being the combine, but I am OK at the tractor.  It’s OK but it doesn’t have any superheroes or fighting.

I also played Montezuma Blitz as it was free, it is a puzzle game and I am good at it but it is a bit boring after a while.

Montezuma Blitz

I want Marvel Superheroes Lego for the Vita but it is too expensive, its £35 so I have to wait for a while.  I also have to delete things from my Vita as my memory card is not that big.  I did have some money left over on my voucher, so I bought the Deadpool character for Little Big Planet.  I am good at this game and the character looks good.

Highlight:  Getting the Deadpool Character

Lowlight:  All my crops died


Roger:  Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (PS4), Dark Souls (PS3) and The Wolf Among Us: Smoke and Mirrors (PS3)

It is 8:40 PM on the night before this article will post.  The events that happened occurred in real time.  Sorry, after the Super Bowl a friend showed me the hit TV show 24 for the first time and I found it rather entertaining.  So what have I played this week?  Not a whole lot actually.  I was able to get together and play some more Dark Souls.  I am in the hopes to get it completed before Dark Souls 2 comes out this March but we shall see.  I also spent a majority of my time play Tomb Raider Definitive Edition.  If you would like to know more about it feel free to check my review of it here on the site.  Most of that time was spent on multiplayer.  I got to level 25 and got most of the multiplayer trophies out of the way.  Not too many people playing, but I figure most were spending time in the campaign, as they should.

Wolf Among Us

Episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us released, so I quickly downloaded and gave it a play.  Having been new to the Fables universe I am really still enjoying the story that is laid before me.  No background knowledge is really needed if you have ever read a fairy tale, or have one read to you.  The Murder mystery is entertaining and the cast performances are strong.  I wish that episode 2 had been a longer experience but the surprises to be found were indeed unexpected.  It is hard to see how much your choices will impact the story until it is completed but I can’t wait to find out.  Unlike The Walking Dead, you do not get every trophy just for playing the episode. There are some that you don’t get if you make certain choices and this encourages you to replay the game.  I think I will wait until I have beat all 5 episodes and then go back through and play an entirely different Bigby Wolf.  Next time I will be mean and unlawful and make different choices and see how much different the game can be.  Well, that’s all folks.

Highlights:  Re-experiencing Tomb Raider like never before in an all new polished package.

Lowlights:  Not having more time with The Wolf Among Us. Episode 2 was too short for my tastes.


Cev:  Dante’s Inferno (PS3) and more stuff than I could elaborate on here (also PS3)

One of the problems with the way I tend to operate when it comes to geeky stuff is that I can easily be triggered into an obsession.  For instance a few weeks back when a simple conversation spun me, almost violently, into a Metal Gear Solid frenzy.  But just as I had reached a point I could call ‘a comfortable state of recovery’, this week began.  And with it came Dante’s Inferno.

First off, I liked the game, which should come as little surprise.  I like the God Of War games and this is very clearly a clone of them.  Nowhere near as inventive but good solid fun none the less.  Definitely lacking in originality – but what 700 year old poem could translate into a modern violent video game without being a little contrived? – and a lot of things that happen are happening for shock value, for instance, the un-baptized babies and female reproductive organs plastered on the walls in the circle of hell representative of Lust.  Tasteless?  Maybe, but Visceral Games didn’t put that stuff there.  They just interpreted someone else doing it.

Dantes Inferno

But to hell with the game.  Granted there are many of you who have heard of Dante’s Divine Comedy, some of you have even read it, but in this day and age of the sentence “I’d rather just wait for the film” being a toothgrinding constant, it wouldn’t be far off to assume that most people haven’t.  And, if nothing else, the game puts a fascinating image and modern relevance to the machinations of this long dead poet.  The quotes that flash up when you die – despite not giving you much time to read them – are well worth taking a look at and pondering, just as much as what Dante’s Ethereal guide, Virgil, has to say.

I’d overlooked this game for a long time as little more than a God of War clone that wasn’t worth any heightened degree of emergence but as I sit here on the other side of it’s story there are two things I feel I must do.  Sit down and read The Divine Comedy and thank Visceral Games for pushing me to do so.

“Open your mind to what I shall disclose, and hold it fast within you; he who hears, but does not hold what he has heard, learns nothing.” – Dante Alighieri

Highlights:  Had more free time than I’ve had in a while.

Lowlights:  Dental work on the horizon…


Andy:  Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (PS4)

It’s been a very interesting week!  Firstly the international jet setting has drawn to a close with my return from Zurich on Friday and trip to star studded Crawley done and dusted, but that didn’t mean I had any time for gaming last weekend.  I have been helping with the production of a radio documentary for kids, which mostly meant picking up or dropping off people at train stations and other exotic locales within South Yorkshire; I did get to visit a farm though so it’s not all hard work.  We’ll find out in March whether my vocal contributions make the final program, or if they are consigned to the cutting room floor.


So what time I have had for gaming has been spent playing Tomb Raider Definitive Edition on PS4.  The game looks really nice and is apparently built from the ground up using 4K textures for 1080p at 60 FPS on the PS4; other developers please take note, this is how games should be ported to next-gen consoles!  The story is well told and I particularly enjoyed the implementation of the tombs as small, self-contained puzzles to be solved.  The progression of character and unlocks is nicely done, with Lara learning more attacking moves as she becomes hardened to the violence required to escape the island alive.  Most of all I liked the excellent voice acting that really brought the characters to life, especially when Lara screams “Don’t do this to me you northern bastard” to an unconscious Roth following a wolf attack.  Speaking of screaming and wolves, it would be remiss of me not to mention the voice controls for this game.  Several team members have reported that saying “f**king wolves” has caused the game to pause but I couldn’t repeat that myself, far too many words however, have caused me to switch weapons and conducting a party chat made the game practically unplayable.  When you’re on your own and not shouting at the screen, it’s pretty responsive and quite handy.  After not playing the original version on the PS3, I’m really pleased that the Definitive Edition has come to next-gen as I nearly missed a treat. Let’s hope that The Last of Us is next.

Highlights:  “Don’t do this to me you northern bastard”

Lowlights:  “It sounds like you’re in a party chat, would you like me to change weapon in the middle of this firefight?”


Matt :  Battlefield 4 (PS4), LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS4) and Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (PS4)

It’s another week of getting on a few games, but not getting to spend much time with them.  I wanted to take advantage of the double XP weekend in Battlefield, and logged in for a couple of games with Cev, but unfortunately our yakking meant losing the games by not really bothering with the running and gunning (but bizarrely both staying in the top 5 for most of the game).  Unfortunately, I had three crashes to XMB in ten minutes, all tied into vehicle spawning in the Flood level.  I faired better the following day and won three games in a row when I wasn’t being kicked out for no good reason.

Battlefield 4

I’ve continued my dogged collection of all minikits and characters in LEGO Marvel, even if it means having to endure the god awful races.  I was really enjoying this game up until I had to fly through rings.  It should be easy, but it can be like trying to thread the eye of a needle whilst wearing welding gloves.  I swore a lot at that particular “kids” game…

I’ve also stated Tomb Raider now that the “Amazon Prime guaranteed next day delivery that turned up 3 days late” service sorted itself out.  I’ll admit I was a bit dubious during the first in game cutscene when it stuttered and paused, though it looks like that was linked to the install of game data rather than anything else.  Since then I’ve seen nothing but a gorgeous game that’s managed to offer me something new from a game I’ve already completed.  I totally agree with Roger’s review, and if you’ve not got the game and are on the fence then check it out.  Beware the voice commands though, they’re simultaneously brilliant and annoying, and my girlfriend takes great delight in shouting things at the PS4 to make the map come up or pause whilst I’m trying to navigate the terrain!

Highlights: Managing to score well in Battlefield whilst not really doing anything.

Lowlights: Marvel’s racing missions (again), lack of time on Tomb Raider.


Well that’s that for another week.  Please let us know what you’ve been playing in the comments!

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