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Another week, another Week Spot, for some of us at least.  Sadly, we’re two members down after a incidents that happened outside the control of this web space, but we have got an errant member back!  Here’s what we’ve been up to for the last 7 days.


Andy’s Highlight: Got a baby daughter!

Roger’s Lowlight: Lost my cell phone, lost my debit card, played no games and got a sunburn.  Top that world.


Graham – WATCH_DOGS (PS4), Everybody’s Golf (PS Vita), QuizTix: Videogames (iOS)

Well this week I finally played a game!  I have been slightly absent the past few weeks as my Week Spot would have read:

Walked past my PlayStation 4


looked in the direction of the PlayStation today.

My gaming exploits have been lacking due to work and generally having other things to do.  Not that these things were necessarily more important, but since I have completed WATCH_DOGS I haven’t really had the pull or urge to play anything else.  Cash is also in short supply due to house renovations, motorbike projects, expensive children (£200+ an month for nursery fees!!), which means new games I want to play are out of the question at £50+ a pop.


I have heard from Cev about renting of games recently, something I am not really a fan of as I tend not to be able to spend several days gaming at a time.  What would suit me perfectly would be a form of pay per level.  It might be slightly more overall to complete a game, but it would allow us slow burners to pay over a period of time which would suit our pockets and also schedules.  If a game is rubbish, or you just don’t get on with it, you wasted only a fraction of the total cost.  And if something better comes out you can switch to that for a bit without have 5 titles you have only played the first third and never go back to (pile of shame anyone?).  Having an online only mode for half the cost would be just fine for me – I have completed neither Battlefield 3 or 4, but have constantly played the multiplayer aspect of the game.  Now I understand how business works and an online mode would only be possible if the game as a whole was developed, so it probably won’t happen, and if it does the development of the games would suffer but I can dream… can’t I?

Anyway the games I have played were WATCH_DOGS, that I completed as mentioned earlier.  Was I happy with the ending?  Not really, the story was good and I like where it went, but the final tap square or whatever button to counter and finish the game was a bit lame – felt more COD than anything new.  I have become worse at Everybody’s Golf much to the amusement of my fellow train passengers who now steer well clear of me as they all think I have a mild form of tourettes.  And I have also been playing QuizTix: Videogames that I will be reviewing along with Andy later.  As it’s my first quiz based game that I have played ever, was I:

a) impressed?
b) astounded?
c) bored?
d) driven to despair?

Find out soon…

Highlight: Finishing WATCH_DOGS

Lowlight: Affording games!


Cev – Firefall (PC), Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends (PC)

This week has been an immensely slow one, in truth.  I’ve traded a lot of gaming time for that of writing a script that covers themes such as exiled monks, split personality disorder, militant activism, homeless teenage superheroes and the concept of evolution being a deity.

Of course, I have played some things… Dynasty Warriors being one of those things.  Finally put some time into Ambition Mode after playing through Lu Bu’s story, where I favoured Zhang Liao, and then playing Cao Cao’s story, where I also favoured Zhang Liao after his capture.  As the characters level persistently he was pretty formidable by this point so his ambition was forming in front of him, and now the limited timeframe offered by Ambition Mode isn’t quite as daunting as it was upon first launch of the game.  Honestly, for a game that is essentially no more complex as wiping muck off a window, it’s incredibly satisfying to fill up all three musou gauges and the rage gauge, casually stroll into the middle of 300 soldiers and at least 4 officers, pop both of them on and just decimate everything on screen in a blurred twin axe chaos.  Satisfying.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends

Perhaps less satisfying is the launch of Firefall.  An MMO that I was fortunate enough to be in the beta for a year or two ago, that has been in development for at very least 4 years.  It finally released this past Tuesday on Steam.  Naturally, eager to get stuck in, I downloaded it with my ‘little internet connection that could’ and launched it eagerly anticipating the jetpack riddled, battleframe filled, free-to-play Borderlands meets World of Warcraft goodness.  After an introduction to each frame in a cinematic style, and an attack from the aliens known as The Chosen, disarray is in full effect and civilians and soldiers alike are running through the fields of desolation to safety, or the nearest battleframe station respectively.  Being introduced to the various styles of battleframe available along the way, which can freely be switched between along the course of the game, I had decided upon the Biotech (Healer) frame to begin my own personal adventure with.  Once comfortably ensconced in my armour, I proceeded to the next destination to begin kicking some chosen butt.  Upon arrival I sit still amongst the fellow players for a few minutes before… being put in a queue and then being forced to relive the intro a second time.

And then a third time…

And a fourth…

And a fifth…

Highlight: Firefall is out!

Lowlight: And a ninth… And a tenth… And an eleventh…


Matt – Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty (PS4), The Swapper (PS4), Pure Pool (PS4), SpaceTerrorVR (Android), Google Cardboard (Android), Trials Fusion (PS4)

I got the plum review assignments over the last week, I can’t argue that.  New ‘n’ Tasty and The Swapper are cracking games and you should try them out (Oddworld is out now, The Swapper is out next week).  I also stole the Prof’s Google Cardboard when he wasn’t looking and tried it out comprehensively.  It works very well, and for something that is just card, lenses and magnets it’s pretty impressive.  In the Cardboard app itself there’s a Streetview demo for Paris where you can genuinely see a full sphere around you, staggering the first time you experience it.

I tried SpaceTerrorVR as well, which bizarrely is made from the Unity engine that powers Oddworld.  It’s definitely not the greatest looking game, and other than using a Bluetooth controller to move around (bonus use of a DualShock 3 for me!), it’s not got much in the way of complexity.  However, with the screen filling your view and headphones providing the sound, it manages to create a tense and unnerving experience, especially with the use of static in the audio and video to show your proximity to death.  Not the greatest thing in the world, but a good suggestion of what the future potential of VR tech is.  I’m beginning to change my mind about VR as a viable gaming experience, and will definitely not be playing Alien Isolation that way.

Trials Penguin

The first Trials Fusion DLC is finally here and kickstarted my obsession with the game again, though it also managed to slam the brakes on too.  I love the game with its lush visuals and quirky animal based humour, find hard mode challenging and rewarding in equal measures, but extreme just does my nut in.  The leap in difficulty is so much that I struggle to even finish the levels, and one I couldn’t even complete the first obstacle.  I wouldn’t mind so much if there was an infinite amount of faults allowed, but you’re limited to 500.  You could argue that it’s plenty, it’s not if you’ve played the game.  There’s a trophy for zero faulting an extreme level and surprise!, it’s one of the rarest on the PS4.  Hit us up if you’ve managed it, I know I never will.

Lastly on the list this week is something I totally missed the release info for – Pure Pool.  I grabbed it from the PSN yesterday, and because I loved Hustle Kings I fell into it immediately.  Looks gorgeous, plays very smoothly, and now requires some actual skill because the overhead view with “cheat” lines option has gone.  The downside is that the network is screwed and you can’t connect to other gamers which means the League options are redundant at the moment.  I spent a good couple of hours chatting with Connor from the Joypadandme team as we tried to get into a game together with no luck at all, I’ll let you know if we’re successful in the future.

Highlights: Oddworld Inhabitants liking our review!

Lowlights: Losing all co-ordination in my hands on the 300th attempt to clear a vertical ramp/jump/ledge/barrel combo.


If you’d like to share your highlights and lowlights, send them to us via Facebook, Twitter, G+, comments, or email, and we’ll feature them next week.

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