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Codec Moments Week Spot

You know when you have those weeks where everyone seems to play the same game?  Without any co-ordinated effort?  Yet doesn’t actually play with each other?  Yeah?  We nearly had one of those weeks, which makes this about the most uninteresting intro to a Week Spot we’ve done so far.  Hey, but at least the gaming content is still there (minus Graham, we think his recent brush with the fashion world has… um… altered him).


Cev – Shadowrun Returns (PC), Civilization 5 (PC), MouseCraft (PS4)

I’m starting to get the knack of having so many games at my disposal now and actually start investing time in specific ones rather than dabbling for five or ten minutes in loads.  That being said in the past week I have still played a fair few different games.  Far too many to go into any detail about, but at the top of the list is Civ 5 and Shadowrun Returns.

Civilisation V

Civ 5, or Sid Meier’s Civilization 5, is something I was gifted during the Steam sale as I was flip-flopping on whether or not to get it and it got on a friends nerves.  The problem was that I wanted the game, but then found out there was DLC, the DLC pushed it over the amount I was willing to pay, but he wanted someone to play it with so he just got me the lot.  Great guy, but I’ll protect his identity here as he’s a supervillain and I don’t want him to get into any more trouble than his day to day already earns.The game is fantastic, if not incredibly complex and overwhelming to a first time Civ player.  I tend to research and construct things based on whims so far, and mass produce combat units with the purpose of taking down the roman empire (pro tip: don’t do that!).  It’s safe to say that I probably won’t be heading off to Alpha Centauri any time soon, but when I do, it’ll be worth the uphill struggle it took to get there.  Seeing as how I’ve got all of the DLC there’s even more to the already mass amount of stuff at my disposal, and it’s great to see that there is also Steam workshop implementation with over a hundred pages of mods, scenarios and more to play through should I need a change of scenery.  Saw some World of Warcraft related stuff… even 1984… that’s gonna have to be played at some point.  Curiosity couldn’t keep me from stifling dissent for hours.

Shadowrun Returns

That’s been all well and good, but the highlight of the week has been Shadowrun Returns.  I was entirely disinterested in this game during its Kickstarter campaign.  It’s not that it’s not my sort of thing, but it was just about as far from what I had expected it to be.  I was expecting Baldurs Gate or Icewind Dale and in truth I actually found what I’ve been looking for, for close to 10 years.  The combat, which is low on priority, is actually more like X-Com: Enemy Unknown than your usual isometric group based RPG combat system, but the narrative is pretty much the entirety of the games basis.  You spend much more time taking in the story than you do playing the game and, while that may not be for everyone, it’s something I have desired since Knights of the Old Republic (one of my favourite games of all time for exactly that reason).  I’ve had a lot of work to do around the house too so I’ve not made it very far, but I’ll be playing this one for a while… especially considering this game has Steam workshop, too! …with admittedly less attention from the modding community as Civ 5…

Until next time!

Highlight: Shadowrun Returns!

Lowlight: May have to miss LFCC 🙁


Roger – Sniper Elite III (PS4), God of War (Vita)

I would say without a doubt that Sniper Elite III has been the highlight of my past week.  Relishing in each and every confirmed kill of my trusty sniper rifle was thrilling.  Playing some co-op with a buddy was excellent and brought back all the good memories I had from SE:V2, and helps reinforce my belief that SEIII is a much more complete game.  If you’d like to know more of my thoughts I recommend checking out our review, or give the video a watch for some gameplay footage.

During a few breaks here and there and a few lazy couch sessions, God of War on Vita demanded some of my attention.  This is my third playthrough of the game and considering now I am actually using a guide, I am surprised at some of the hidden collectibles or areas that I missed.  Aside from the low res cutscene graphics, the game looks well and plays with a constant smoothness.  I am getting excited to finish GOW again and then I can move onto the sequel.  I have never played GOW 2 so my first time may very well be on the Vita.

Week Spot Roger 01

As I sit here and compose my thoughts (using only my cell phone and a Bluetooth keyboard), I keep reminiscing about the good time spent with Skyrim.  I miss that world so much and am afraid if I wait much longer, I may one day return to finish the game only to be turned off by its outdated look and feel.  Maybe today is the day to venture back once more.  FUS RO DAH!

Highlights: Having alternating days at work and days off for the past week – on a day, off a day.  SEIII co-op!

Lowlights: Missing the world of Skyrim; concerned that GOW will destroy my Vita buttons.


Matt – Fallout 3 (PS3), Sniper Elite V2 (PC), Sniper Elite III (PS4), Valiant Hearts (PS4), WATCH_DOGS (PS4), Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark (PS4)

I did it!  I finally finished WATCH_DOGS story mode!  Yay!  Now to continue with every other side mission and the bonus content that’s just a rehash of the side missions!  Spot a small amount of sarcasm in there…  I really do like WATCH_DOGS and am happy enough to do the however many other bits there are to attempt, but Ubisoft, don’t try to sell me “bonus” missions which are just an extra gang hideout, a fixer mission and a convoy task.  At least I didn’t spend money on the DedSec edition to get those up front.

Roger has a lot to answer for because his Fallout 3 quiz last week made me want to play the game again, so I hunted down a second hand copy (not as easy as I thought it would be), re-downloaded all the add-on content, and went wandering the Wasteland taking some of Cev’s open world game advice with me:

Just be a bastard.

So I am, and it’s a lot of fun going back.  The satisfaction of still discovering (or even re-discovering) things in a 6 year old game is there and it keeps me hooked.  And I can’t really fault the way it looks because it puts some recent games to shame… and with that we move on to Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark.  I’m playing the review copy through at the moment, and I’m mustering all my strength to stay positive, so the best thing to do is talk about something else.

Sniper Elite III 10

Between busy schedules and power cuts, me and Andy managed to play one co-op mission in Sniper Elite III.  It’s still as fun as I remember, and now with the added ability to split up and tackle multiple objectives at once.  The only drawback is finding time to do more, and Andy’s home town managing to not to take down everyones electricity during a Sunday morning gaming session.  I did play the first level of Sniper Elite V2 on my laptop as well, and after things creaked and groaned I came to my senses realising it’s not anywhere near gaming rig standards.

Highlight: Refusing to save Butch’s mum from radroaches because he’s a dick, then saving her anyway because she’s not a dick, then shooting Butch in the face in front of his rescued mum because he’s a dick.  I blame it all on Cev’s advice.

Lowlight: Online Hacking in WATCH_DOGS dumping me right in front of my targets.  With no other NPCs around.  Three times in a row.


Andy – One Piece Unlimited World Red (3DS), Sniper Elite III (PS4), Ruzzle (iOS)

This week has been a mixed bag on the gaming front.  Following my review of One Piece Unlimited World Red, I’ve been playing a lot more of the Battle Coliseum mode.  It’s been pretty rewarding as I’ve tried to complete challenges and unlock as many characters, item words and boss quests as I can; for some reason progress has slowed… possibly linked to my playing a lot of rounds with Nami the pendulous pirate.

One Piece

I’ve also played some Sniper Elite III on the PS4, which is a really good improvement on what was established in V2.  The full game co-op is great, though I’ve only played the smallest amount with Matt before a power cut (seriously come on, it’s 2014… who actually still has power cuts), put an end to the fun.  Check out Roger’s awesome video review if you haven’t already.

Finally I’ve been challenged by my wife to some competitive Ruzzle on the iPhone.  Think Boggle meets… a new name that gets around licensing issues?!?  My vocabulary is increasing at an exponential rate; I attribute this to seeing the examples my wife found that I missed and my liberal use of new and innovative swear words when she beats me.

Highlights: Finding the word ‘sweaters’.

Lowlights: An angry tank chasing me in Sniper Elite III.


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