The Codec Moments’ Week Spot

Codec Moments Week Spot

The Codec Moments team are exposing their Week Spot to reveal what games they’ve been playing this week!

Graham:  Titan Attacks (PS Vita and PS4), Trials Fusion (PS4), The Swapper (PS Vita and PS4), Fifa World Cup Brazil (PS3), Lego The Hobbit (PS4), Luftrausers (PS Vita), Lego Marvel Superheroes (PS3) and MouseCraft (PS3)

 My gaming exploits this week may make it seem that I did nothing else but play games, but that’s strictly not true. 

Thanks to the Curve Studios 2014 Showcase event this week I managed to play 3 games in 2 hours, add this to a couple of great time filling games both on the Vita and PS4 and I had quite a good week. 

At the Curve Showcase event both Cev and myself sampled Titan Attacks, Mousecraft and The Swapper.  These are the latest games developed by curve to come to the PlayStation platforms and these were all rather good with MouseCraft and The Swapper being my favourites.  They are available on all the PlayStation formats so I had a chance to play both the console and the handheld versions on all but MouseCraft.  I was pleasantly surprised how good they were on the Vita.

The Swapper 02

Like others in the Codec Moments team, I have been playing Trials Fusion and my swearing is coming on nicely!  Simple concept, wildly addictive and when you have times of your colleagues to beat, striving for that perfect run becomes the only thing that matters.  Us, competitive? Never!

Lego the Hobbit has taken a bit of a back seat from last week but I did fire it up for an hour and then jump straight to Lego Marvel Superheroes to see which gave me a better experience.  Superheroes won over Hobbits, this confirms my theory that preference to one outside of gaming will transfer to the game itself.

The Fifa World Cup Brazil review copy landed on my doorstep at the start of the week so this has been taking a lot of my attention.  Only being available for the PS3, not the PS4, made it seem like I was taking a step backwards from Fifa 14, find out what I thought when I review it soon.

My new best timewaster game is Luftrausers from Devolver Digital.  Found it by accident when I was hunting down some low cost indie games and not put it down since.  It is a simple arcade style airplane based shooter that puts you in frantic air to air and air to sea battles.  Shoot stuff, get power ups, then go and shoot some more.  Questionable control method but easy enough to get use to and oh, physics doesn’t matter in this game!

Highlight:  The Swapper

Lowlight:  Everyone else is getting more practice of Trails Fusion


Cev:  Child Of Light (PS4), Ni No Kuni (PS3), Mousecraft (PS3), Titan Attack (PS4), The Swapper (PS4 and PS Vita) and Stick It To The Man (PS4)

Well, between reviewing Child Of Light, attending Curve Studio’s press event with fellow COMO crew member Graham aka @Tech_Father and culminating in a brief descent into madness with Stick It To The Man (review inbound) which launched totally free of charge for all PS4 owning PS+ members yesterday, it has been quite the eventful week!

Surprising the both of us, myself and Graham managed to find the location of the press event with half of the London underground unavailable due to the strike.  Even more impressive I’d wager is the fact that we managed to find one another in Oxford Street, London, right in the middle of some Kate Moss related event at the Topshop located right at the exit to the station.  Well along the way toward a crowd induced panic attack I spotted Graham – A man I had yet to have actually met in person – by the green over-the-shoulder bag I recall him mentioning his carrying.  From there we headed to the appropriate road and had a few drinks over some discussion about the Vita, the Football Manager franchise, self publishing vs professional publishing and children (We do talk about other stuff sometimes, folks).

After a loss of train ticket scare, which was fortunately over quickly, we moseyed on down to the premier offices in our dichotomous dress codes unaware as to what we should be expecting.  For the both of us, we hadn’t attended such an event before so upon arrival we were comforted to no end to find that neither my dressed down appearance, nor his well presented appearance was ‘inappropriate’ attire.  Truth be told, both Premier and Curve did a very good job of creating an incredibly accommodating atmosphere that was more akin to a bunch of guys sitting around checking out some games, rather than corralling a bunch of metacritic weights around in a formal and uncomfortable way.  I can’t speak for Graham but I feel pretty comfortable in saying we had a great time!

Titan Attacks 03

Of the games on display, I thought they were all great little titles.  Mousecraft being a great game for when you’re on the move.  A combination between Tetris and Lemmings, with enough of it’s own style to be independent of both.  Titan Attacks, taking the gameplay of Space Invaders and throwing a helping of Super Stardust HD/Resogun style in there, upgradable ships, weapons, shields as well that niggling impulse to be THE VERY BEST IN THE WORLD at it!  But, and perhaps this is just me, the highlight was most assuredly The Swapper, originally developed by Olli Harjola, alone, over the course of four years!  This game is fantastic and I had to say while playing it ‘I am totally sold on this!’  An extremely addictive, atmospheric combination between Portal, Metroid and Dead Space.  There are two reasons I won’t be reviewing this game.  The first being that I want to pay for it, the second being that I couldn’t not be biased.  Seeya next week, folks! 

Oh, I also played Ni No Kuni – Still love it.

Highlights:  The Swapper

Lowlights:  I swear, people in London are TRYING to be in your way.


Matt:  Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS4), Trials Fusion (PS4) and ShareFactory (PS4)

After my triumphant return last week to Skyrim to vanquish the infinitely generating dragons from the world, thankless task that it is – getting Twitter abuse for ignoring that fact that Dragons have rights (:-p) – this week I failed to switch the PS3 on.  Instead I’ve been hooked by Trials Fusion and its insane jump in difficulty from medium to hard, and the still marvellous Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

Trials is being reviewed this weekend, but if you head to our YouTube channel you’ll be able to see some gameplay clips produced using the all new ShareFactory, and it’s this I’m going to talk about.  What an incredibly brilliant piece of software!  I’ve not done a great deal of video editing before, but did quite a bit of video conversion in my student days, making .avi files into .mpg’s to play on my DVD recorder research critical presentation clips.  I didn’t bother reading the instructions for this (who does!), but I was able to knock out a 3 minute video joining several clips and intro/outro sequences in less than quarter of an hour.  I’m really impressed by that.  I won’t be attracting Peter Jackson’s attention to take the reins for the final Hobbit movie, but for a first attempt I’m pretty pleased with it.  The interface isn’t cluttered or confusing, the whole design is intuitive, and I can see it getting a lot of use in the PlayStation community.  There’s potential for Sony to monetise it by adding effects and intro/outro segment packs, though there are a few tweaks needed to the options like being able to set transition times or add a fade in/out to the first and last clips in a sequence.  However, they’ve done such a good job making it easy and accessible that we’ll all be bored of gameplay clips very soon… and probably all subject to royalty claims from music publishers because of the audio file overlay option.

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Headshot

The other game that got a fair amount of time spent on it was MGS:V Ground Zeroes, mainly because of streaming via Twitch.  Andy and I spent around 4 hours over the weekend experimenting with throwing grenades at Chico because he whined and we got fed up with him; driving over guards with APCs; loading jeeps with prisoners then driving off cliffs; and playing the Déjà Vu mission.  There’s not much that hasn’t been said about the game, and I’m still finding it fun well beyond the supposed 2 hour lifespan, and anyone who still says “it’s a £30 demo” needs to stop being so miserable and enjoy the game for the content and fun it can provide.  If you don’t like MGS then that’s a fair reason not to give it a go, but I’ve had more entertainment value from it than the whole of the CoD: Ghosts game.  Also, apologies to everyone who watched us on Twitch at the weekend, we were pretty drunk and therefore terrible at everything we played.

Highlights: Copious amounts of Corona and homemade Glacier Mint vodka helping Andy complete the first Warp Zone in Trials Fusion.

Lowlights: 500 checkpoint restarts to complete the first Extreme level in Trials Fusion.


Roger:  The Walking Dead (Vita) and Far Cry Classic (PS3)

So as it turns out another week has yet past, and while many things occupied my time, not one of them was Dark Souls.  Just before writing this Cev shared with me some amazing Dark Souls apparel.  Not only did it make my want to fork over some hard earned money for some sweet shirts, but it also made me want to play some more in the world of Drangleic.  Maybe I will give it another go by next week.

The Walking Dead Season 2 on Vita helped pass the time, unfortunately for me I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning playing it. While it is the same great story as on consoles and PC, it is rather buggy.  I will be writing a review for it soon so stay tuned on that.


Thinking back several years, I remember spending plenty of time with the original Far Cry game on PC. With its lush, gorgeous environments and rather difficult gameplay on the high settings, Far Cry was a special game in the series. Although it has less in common with its sequels, it does feel rather similar to Crysis.  Crysis was developer Crytek’s next project that pushed PC’s graphical limits for years after being released.  I feel that Crysis took some great inspiration from what Far Cry had set in place and Crytek really upped their game.  But anyways I am talking about Far Cry.  When I found it had come to the PSN, I quickly picked it up, eager to hop back in.  I started the game on the hard difficulty, naturally, and sadly I found the game a little too difficult.  I believe the reason being how long it has been since I played it and the inaccuracy of the Dual Shock 3 when compared to the mouse that I played with in the years past.  Sadly I put it down for a couple months.  While browsing my downloaded games collection on my PS3, I saw it again and decided to give it another go.  I wanted to revisit the wonderful time I had so decided to make it a little easier and downed the difficulty.  I made it through the first 9 levels last night alone and hope to finish it soon. Well, that about sums up my adventures, See ya!

Highlights:  Taking off in a hang glider and single handedly trying to take on an enemy helicopter with only a machine gun.  Spoilers: I won.

Lowlights:  Enduring regular audio static and glitches in TWD Vita was definitely a letdown.


Andy:  Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS4), Trials Fusion (PS4) and Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (PS Vita)

I’ve played a lot of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes this week, collecting cassettes, unlocking weapons, cleaning up the trophies and most of all having a lot of fun.  I am truly astounded by this little game, not only does it look amazing on the PS4 but it has such depth and I’ve easily spent more time with it than I have Second Son.  So with this in mind, I indulged in something this week that I’ve not done in far too long; I got drunk with Matt and played games until 5 o’clock in the morning.  There was a lot of beer and some frighteningly smooth, yet undeniably powerful, homemade glacier mint vodka that we’ve been trying to polish off for two years now… mission accomplished; next time it’s the sloe vodka.

MGS Ground Zeroes 04

We played many hours of Ground Zeroes, trying out lots of things that we discussed in our spoilercast which culminated in us attempting to extract 3 prisoners by driving them in a jeep to the landing zone.  Sadly, being drunk and in charge of a digital vehicle ended in much the same way you might expect it to; we crashed off a small ledge, hit a rock and all three prisoners careened out of the vehicle.  They had survived so much pain, torture and torment, only to be killed in a jeep crash by a drunken driver.

It was a sobering experience…

…then we played Trials Fusion and took 350 attempts to jump some green blocks in a warp zone.  Clearly not sobering enough.

Highlights:  Getting my first S rank in MGS V.

Lowlights:  Warp zones in Trials Fusion.

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