The Codec Moments’ Week Spot

Codec Moments Week Spot

It’s Thursday, we’ve been gaming (somewhat), so it must be time for the Codec Moments’ Week Spot!  Andy can’t join us this week, he’s was so absorbed in Tekken Bowl after Brian’s review that he was unable to stop his wife giving all their furniture away, and is now building a bed out of Gameboy cartridge boxes and lasagne sheets.  Anyway, on with the rest of the team.


Graham – PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD (PS Vita), LEGO City (iOS)

This week had so much promise, a few days in Frankfurt that I assumed meant I could have some valuable time with the PS Vita.  Not the case, wall to wall work discussions soaked up most of my spare time and the suggestions of new genres didn’t get a look in.  I have managed to continue with PixelJunk Monsters, time it seems I needed as after a throw away comment last week that it wasn’t too hard spent about an hour on one level.  Shows that in this game if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail, it keeps the grey matter working in the gaming version of keeping all your plates spinning.

Screen 02

I have also played LEGO City on my iPad, mainly as I was stuck in a car with two work colleagues.  Downloaded for my son originally and he can keep it, it’s not a normal LEGO style game, more a jump on the bandwagon attempt.  It’s OK for kids but it’s not a serious attempt at a good game.

Highlight: Got home, despite Lufthansa striking.
Lowlight: New genres will have to wait.


Roger – Dark Souls II (PS3), Metal Gear Solid (PSOne)

It’s been another one of those weeks that have just zipped on by and it is hard to remember all that I did.  Besides work and all of the other fun things of life, I did spend a little more time watching some movies at TV shows that I have neglected for some time.  The highlight of my back log was the last few episodes of The Walking Dead.  Over all I am pleased with the direction of the show and the wonderful tie-ins to the comics, it really helps bridge the gaps while still allowing a story that is not held 100% true to the source material.  But as far as gaming is concerned, I did play a bit more of Dark Souls II.  I am enjoying taking my time proceeding through the story and am trying to soak in every little ounce of detail and plot that I can.  I did end up picking up the Collector’s edition strategy guide to aid in my quest.

Week Spot 20140403 MGS1

The real enjoyment this week came during my time with Metal Gear Solid.  The game series that has eluded my radar for the last decade, finally enticed me to hop on board and start playing this beloved franchise.  I must give some credit to the persistent urging from those around me that finally convinced me to give it a go.  I am delighted to say that I am enjoying my time so far.  Once I came to terms with the dated controls and got used to the graphics, I was able to discover what is still, a well written and engaging stealth action game.  So far I’m about 2 hours in, although my save file says 6 hours.  Apparently the timer keeps going while left paused on the Codec screen.  Codec Calls of course are interesting, although the dialogue at times is literally laugh out loud hilarious.  Not in a bad way, but more of a “what the hell did I just hear?” kind of way.  My goal is to get completely caught up with all of the games in time for MGSV to finally release.   I’m looking forward to finally sharing in on the conversation that I have missed for so long.

Highlight: Experiencing the clever writing and quality sound design in MGS, the sound holds up very well to this day.

Lowlight:  This week was good, the worst part was realizing that I missed out on a classic for so long.


Cev – Super Stardust HD (PS3), Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (PS3)

Yo, in a previous Week Spot I mentioned having a frequent tendency to be momentarily enamored with certain stories and games.  Typically being those Japanese-developed content-heavy games like Metal Gear Solid or Monster Hunter, where there’s loads to do and see.  Well, this is no lie, I do do that with games, but it’s not just limited to games.  I do it with films, not specific films but films as a concept and certain directors and stuff.  I know I’m not the only person in the world that does this, I know that it couldn’t be further from the truth, but it’s pretty much the reason I’ve not really played anything this week beyond a few stints on Super Stardust HD.  I love the game and won’t hear anything said against my love of it, I can’t really talk about it for a great deal without just sort of telling you the mechanics:

“Left stick moves, right stick shoots.  Welcomes newcomers as much as it does not-newcomers… and… uhh… BOOM! and stuff!”

Week Spot 20140403 SSD

So yeah, other than that gamewise I started playing Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate last night, but that’s because I’m reviewing it, and it would be stupid for me to talk about it now when I’ll be chewing the fat better at a later date.  Then the only thing I would immediately have to talk about is Darren Aronofsky films and the Punic War… and that could go on for a while.  It’s been a great week, of that there is no doubt but if I don’t cut it off here you poor saps are going to be left with an essay on how awesome I think the aforementioned war is or the effect drugs have on society… and really, do you want to hear about that?

Have a good one, folks!

Highlights: Finally watched Requiem For A Dream!

Lowlights: …on Mother’s day…


Matt – inFAMOUS Second Son (PS4), Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea (PS3)

I’ve played quite a bit over the last week having finished Second Son and started the second part of Burial at Sea, but the problem is I have reviewed, or am reviewing them so I’ll just end up repeating here what you can read elsewhere on the site.  Really this week I’ve spent most of my time either talking about Metal Gear Solid, listening to podcasts about Metal Gear Solid, or wishing I was playing Metal Gear Solid.  I think I’m slightly obsessed, which is probably a good thing for someone who writes for a site called Codec Moments and has far too many Metal Gear t-shirts…

Week Spot 20140403 T-Shirts

Week Spot 20140403 T-Shirts 2

If you want to let us know what you’ve been playing then hit us up on Twitter (@CodecMoments) or email

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  1. Brandon April 5, 2014 4:21 pm  Reply

    After listening to your spoiler cast of Ground Zeroes and the guest spot on the Joypad and Me podcast I’ve also gone back to play old Metal Gear games. My excitement level for The Phantom Pain is through the roof. Keep up the great work fellas.

    • Andy April 5, 2014 6:23 pm  Reply

      Thanks Brandon, how are you finding your trip back through the Metal Gear timeline?

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