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Dan Pearce has a pretty interesting CV.  In 2010, at the age of 16, he won the BAFTA Young Game Designer award with the design concept for Hamster: Accidental World Domination!  After that he attended University to study game development, before dropping out because he didn’t like the way they taught game development.  Now at the age of 19 he is the CEO of Developer GameDesignDan and is about to launch his first game, 10 Second Ninja.

10 Second Ninja is a 2D platform game that features 40 levels where you will battle Robot Nazis from Space and their Leader, Robot Hitler, using your sword and shurikens.  As the world’s first Ninja, you will dash and jump and slash and throw through each level, to eliminate all enemies in under 10 seconds.  The game sounds simple enough, but the website boasts that you can “break your keyboard or controller out of anger” as a feature.  It’s not kidding.  You get stars for completing each level depending on how long it takes you and you’ll need to perfect your approach to each level if you intend to acheive the elusive three stars and unlock the next set of levels!

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The keyboard controls were a bit awkward at first, but the game became more rewarding when I switched to a controller and there is a dedicated restart button that you’ll make good use of, as each level becomes a carefully choreographed sequence of precise presses and movements of your controller.  The game balances precariously between frustration and addictive compulsion as you hammer the restart button, knowing that you mistimed a crucial double jump, turned too slowly or fell into spikes for the umpteenth time.

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10 Second Ninja is a charming but insanely hard game to master, which features robot Nazis.  If that sounds like your sort of thing then it’s available on PC and Mac on 05-March, from Steam and Get Games for £6.99.

A preview copy of 10 Second Ninja was provided by GameDesignDan’s PR team.

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